Watson with Garsh
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Watson with Garsh

Ages 18+
Watson with Garsh

WATSON - Just a warrior poet philosophizer man cub born and bred in the Mississippi Delta - usually following his feet - always having a ball and a biscuit.

Watson Turnipseed recorded his debut EP “Simple Syrup” in Cambridge, UK in the summer of 2019, and followed up a year later with “Four Felonies Before Noon”, live tracked in Los Angeles with the members of Heyrocco, in August 2020. WATSON assembled a dream team of musicians from all over the country to live track a third studio EP in the heart of the Mississippi Delta during the winter of 2021, titled “Bubblegum Blues”, which is set to release March 30th 2021.

GARSH - Garsh is a collaboration of two brothers Austin and Jordan Smith, adding new-age sounds to an exploration of blues, rock, jazz and soul.

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