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Kyle Kimbrell

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Kyle Kimbrell at Proud Larry's

Kyle released his first full length record right in the beginning of a worldwide pandemic and a national revival. Ironically, this theme resonates for the times and for Kimbrell as a writer. There’s an uneasiness resting on the line of diving in and giving up. “Finally, At Last” harnesses this same energy with “one ounce of worry to scare the hell outta me.” Kimbrell delivers poetry with a pointed end like “shut up mind, let me think,” biting like a 100 proof bourbon. From the swinging front-porch blues sound of “Toothache” to the Gram Parsons cosmic country realm of “Lockjaw Fever,” Kyle delivers a message for the nervous, glass-half-empty folks with enough room for a hopeful change in perspective. Despite the storms, hypochondria, and paranoid sense of simple things going wrong, Kimbrell still tells us we’ll make it through, little by little. “I’m just counting my blessings being on this walk,” Kimbrell said over the phone while strolling his Birmingham neighborhood. While pensive on the fact that his first full-length was released during a worldwide pandemic, Kyle maintains an energy of delight. “I’m a simple guy, man. If it makes somebody feel something, I can go home happy. I’m putting honest work out there. No bullshit.”

From Rust To Real was recorded partially at Dial Back Sound (Water Valley, MS) and Communicating Vessels (Birmingham, AL) and released April 10th, 2020. Engineering by Bronson Tew and Brad Timko. Mastering by Jason Hamerick (Cornelius Chapel Records). Kyle Kimbrell’s record is on all streaming platforms. More information at

Written by Spencer Thomas

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